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Mammoth Cabins

Imagine taking your next vacation at Mammoth Lakes, CA. This incredible area has everything you want from a retreat whether you visit in the summer or in the winter. You will only have access to the Sierra backcountry by foot or on horseback providing you with an incredible experience to enjoy nature and see some of the most incredible scenery in the world. In addition to the lakes, streams, mountains, and wildlife, there is even a nearby authentic ghost town where you will be greatly entertained by the history and authenticity one of the best preserved mining towns in the United States. Bodie Ghost Town is also one of the most famous mining towns of the old west and you will have easy access to visit from the Mammoth cabins that you can rent for your special getaway.

If you love the great outdoors, you won't want to miss the Mammoth Lakes Basin. This is the area for visitors to access numerous lakes, streams, and waterfalls that are as beautiful to look at as they are beneficial for fishing and boating. If you choose the winter months to rent one of the Mammoth cabins and enjoy the surroundings, you will have some of the greatest opportunities for cross country skiing on the scenic tracks around the basin. Grand Mammoth Resorts has units for vacationers to rent throughout the area so that you can have a luxurious stay while you enjoy the activities that are available. A special place for you to visit is the unique Mono Lake. The lake was created thousands of years ago with a high acidic content and has no fish in the lake now. There are many birds that make their home at the lake and feed on the "brine shrimp" that inhabit the lake. Be sure to bring along your camera and take some amazing shots of the collection of statues along the shoreline. These are the "Tufa" towers that are created from a limestone formation as a result of underwater springs beneath the lake.

If you want to learn more about this unusual lake, the Forest Service has an overlook point and information center where you can learn the history and formation of the lake. Mammoth cabins are conveniently available so that you can make all the interesting features of the area a part of your stay. When you go to www.1888mammoth.com to check on the availability of Mammoth cabins for your stay, make sure you take a look at the Rainbow Falls. Nestled in the Reds Meadow valley, this is a twenty minute drive from the Mammoth area and well worth the effort to see. This is the area where the lakes and the head waters of the San Joaquin River that runs all the way to the Pacific Ocean and you can access the falls by a short hike or horseback ride. You will see from the photo that this is an incredibly beautiful site even though the photo cannot do it justice.