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Mammoth All Seasons

There are activities at Mammoth Lakes throughout all the seasons. Trout fishing in lakes and streams around Mammoth, golfing with the Sierra mountains as the backdrop, mountain biking, hiking and more, Mammoth offers endless fun activities in the beautiful Eastern Sierra Mountains. Just a couple of miles from town, the Mammoth Lakes Basin offers the summer visitor numerous lakes, streams and waterfalls to enjoy. The views are unforgettable. There is great fishing, boating, hiking and horseback riding, to name just a few. During the winter months, Mammoth Lake Basin visitors enjoy great cross-country skiing on scenic tracks around the basin. Rainbow Falls and Devil's Postpile are spectacular sites nestled in the Reds Meadow Valley, a 20- minute drive from the Mammoth area. The drive into the valley offers the most fantastic vistas of the Sierra Nevada Mountains range. In the Reds Meadow area, there are lakes and the headwaters of the San Joaquin River that runs all the way to the Pacific Ocean. Rainbow Falls and Devil's Postpile are short hikes by foot or on horseback. The region offers great fishing, horseback riding, hiking or visitors can just enjoying some of the most beautiful mountains in the country. The Mammoth area offers just about any kind of fishing experience one could want. Visit some of the lakes, particularly Lake Mary. Breeders plant world-famous giant-size trout in some of the more popular lakes on a regular basis; those are big fish! The local rivers include the San Joaquin, Hot Creek and the Owens River, which are all excellent fish producers. Many backcountry lakes and streams produce good fish. At many backcountry spots, anglers may catch native trout. These fish are delicious to eat and put up a good fight when caught. Owens River has classic Mammoth River fishing like lots of good fly-fishing. Slow meandering water tests the technical fishing skills of anglers and the lack of trees avoids flies. Crowley Lake provides some of the best trout fishing in California. Crowley Lake is just a few miles south of Mammoth on Highway 395.